Hi! I'm Mel Taylor, owner and founder of Bear Lake Finds. The idea for my shop originated when I travelled to the US on a solo soul-searching journey. I wandered the local stores and found a bunch of beautiful small batch, natural items that I bought in bulk and brought home. Once I used everything up, I was unable to re-purchase my favourite things in Australia. 

I contacted the brands directly and spent too much money shipping them home for myself. I was also getting a lot of interest in the items I was using and raving about. It was then that I decided I wanted to make them available to friends, family and anyone else who wanted to share in the goodness. So I created this store for you to be able to experience the feels I got when I was overseas in the wilderness.

If you'd like more information about the stores I visited and the brands I found, you can read my blog post Where It Began...